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Hey, I'm Pallavi.
I talk about blogging, writing for B2B SaaS, and how to grow your tribe on social media.

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My Blog The Curious Jalebi was Featured In

Who Am I

to be teaching you this?

When I worked in digital marketing in my previous job and started my blog The Curious Jalebi on the side, I went through a steep learning curve.


After producing sucky content (no shame here, its where most of us start off at) for many months, I was frustrated with the low traffic. 


Earning through my blog seemed like a far-fetched dream.


I knew what I had to say could help many people- I just wasn't able to communicate it well.


This is no longer my story. 


My blog now has 3 M views! It also gives me additional income through affiliate revenue, ad revenue, and brand collaborations.


If you're here wanting the same for your corner of the internet, be it a blog, Youtube Channel, or just a microblog on Instagram. 


or if you've stepped into a content role for a new company - these posts will help you plan and write better than you think you can. 


I pride myself on writing simply and transforming information that feels overwhelming or intimidating into easy, actionable steps. 


Thank you for dropping by. I hope you take a look around and leave learning something new!

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What are you struggling with?

I want to start a blog but I don't know how. It's overwhelming. 

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The Complete Newbie Guide

to Blogging

Always wanted to start your blog but didn't know how? Find my easy, time -saving tips and connect to millions of readers worldwide. 


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Social Media

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Social Meidia

Struggling to create and curate your brand's social media handles? Learn extremely helpful tips explained in a way even your grandpa will understand. 

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