Hey, I'm Pallavi.

I simplify blogging for multi-passionate folks, teach you how to grow your tribe on social media and write kick-ass copy. 

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Who Am I

to be teaching you this?

I'm a 27-year-old, super chipper, curious woman from Delhi.

I spend my day writing and shooting for The Curious Jalebi - My blog & Youtube Channel where I teach women how to take care of their natural hair and encourage them to embrace their curls...

and now this tiny corner of the internet you're on- pallavijuneja.com!​


And you are?​ 😃

Maybe you're someone who wants to start a blog but don't know how


Or you already have a blog but find it difficult to wow your audience.

You want to write better content and gain new followers but feel intimidated, overwhelmed and don't have a big budget.

I went from just 2000 views to 276,168 on the blog and 2,63,900 views on Youtube, in a year alone.  


I wrote, shot videos, learnt constantly and now have a highly engaged community that loves my content.


All those lessons, tips and tricks i learnt over years, I will share with you so you don't waste any more time struggling. 

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What are you struggling with?

I want to start a blog but I don't know how. It's overwhelming. 

My writing doesn't connect with anyone. How do I write better and faster?

My social media followers, likes and comments are not growing. I want more!

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