Hey, I'm Pallavi.

I simplify blogging for multi-passionate folks, teach you how to grow your tribe on social media and write kick-ass copy. 

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Who Am I

to be teaching you this?

When I worked in digital marketing in my previous job and started my blog The Curious Jalebi on the side, I went through a steep learning curve.


After producing sucky (no shame here, its where most of us start off at) for many months, I was frustrated at the lack of quality and traffic. 


Earning through my blog seemed like a far-fetched dream.


I knew my blog posts & video tutorials had value- I could see that from my readers responses after trying out my tips. 


I just wasn't able to grow my blog quickly or get Google's SEO algorithm to give me a hi-fi.


This is no longer my story. 


Now, my blog racks up more than 100,000 views each month, I have a highly targeted and engaged community on my social media and I support myself monetarily solely through my blog. 


If you're here wishing the same for your corner of the internet, be it a blog, Youtube Channel or just a microblog on Instagram 


or if you've stepped into a social media role for a new company - I promise these posts will help you plan and write better than you think you can. 


I pride myself on writing simply and transforming something that feels overwhelming or intimidating into easy, actionable steps. 


Thank you for dropping by. I hope you take a look around and leave learning something new!


What are you struggling with?

I want to start a blog but I don't know how. It's overwhelming. 

My writing doesn't connect with anyone. How do I write better and faster?

My social media followers, likes and comments are not growing. I want more!


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